The benchmarking scripts are in the source code and have tox environments defined for Python 2.7, 3.4 and PyPy. All you need to do to run them yourself is check out the code and run:

tox -e benchmark-py27,benchmark-py34,benchmark-pypy

The results shown here are from an old-ish i5 laptop and are by no means 100% conclusive. With that said...

Just the timer

This just runs some timer metric calls via Python’s timeit. Try it yourself by checking out the code and doing:

python -m benchmark.util.quick

The times (lower is better) are

Version Tapes Scales
Py 2.7 3.0038728714 12.1747989655
Py 3.4 3.3859353300 15.8657573729
PyPy 0.4108750820 11.163599968


Python 2.7


Python 3.4


PyPy 2.4


Tornado, single process

Python 2.7


Python 3.4


PyPy 2.4


Tornado, forked processes

Python 2.7


Python 3.4


PyPy 2.4